A couple reviews of our newest release "Queen For A Day"

   I am going to charge you for a new CD player. This CD was "so hot" that when I turned on my CD player and the music started, smoke came out and completely disintergrated my player.
   This CD has all the bells and whistles of a first class production: beautiful singing, flawless instrumental work and superb song selection. There is no way you can listen to this CD and not tap your toes or snap your fingers! The song selection had something for everyone. Most CD's are somewhat predictable, but this was the exception. You never knew what was coming next. Hearing this CD once is not enough. The audience response for this project was overwhelming. While playing the entire CD my request line never stopped ringing. Each and every song was requested to be played again. Thank you for sharing your fine project with us.
KCBL Backwoods Bluegrass,
Al Shusterman..Sacramento

   Howdy and many thanks for sending us a copy of your latest release which I have been thoroughly enjoying. I love the mixture of tunes-some great covers and fine originals drawn from both the bluegrass, county and old-time traditions which made your own with your sparkling playing and creative arrangements. I especially enjoyed "Things in Life," "Old Man at the Mill," "Rye Whiskey," "Flame In My Heart" and, of course, the fine title track. I also thought the notes to the songs were among the most clever and pithy comments I've ever read. Great job all the way around!
   Thanks again for the great tunes-I'll be doing my best to spread the word in Nashville and in our other syndicated locations.
Dave Higgs, Nashville Public Radio


"Bought a Sidesaddle C.D. Should have done that a long time ago. whew!! That there's the real thing, not that polished, plasticized, pre-packaged nashville tripe."

--Cliff Compton


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