Hailing from Hollister California, J.J. Elking's antique gun restoration abilities are renowned. J.J. also runs the family ranch, does leather work, is a Bluegrass musician, and has been horseback in the hills a good part of his life.

  Specializing in pre-1896 antique and reproduction Colts, Remington, and their clones. We rework the parts to let the piece live on. The same goes for long arms like Winchester, Marlins and Remington. J.J. has a feel for the old ones and can bring 'em around to take the eye out of a pig at 50 yds. View the Slide Show for an example of our restorations. Prices vary depending on the gun, part prices and the amount of restoration work needed.

  All work is guarenteed. J.J. will have your antique restored and back to you in a timely manner. Here's what some of our clients say about our work. If you just want to talk guns, shoot us an Email. We'll be prompt about answering that too.

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